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You Are More Beautiful

Talking about: You Are More Beautiful

You are a person. It seems to me that people don’t know what that means. There’s a persisting attitude that to be successful and fulfilled a person must be attractive, how you look must be appealing to others and yourself. Physical beauty isn’t happiness, it is the reduction of a person; it is saying that if you look good then you are good. But what is the value of living for visual aesthetic when human beings are more than that? If you are living for beauty then you are living to be observed, like a flower, beautiful and purposeful but certainly not entirely meaningful.

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What Do I Do?

In this industry, you hear lots of terms being thrown around; so much so that sometimes it seems like they have no real meaning. Everyone does UI, UX, development, branding, content marketing, social media… The list goes on. But what do those things actually mean? I believe that one of the largest barriers in this industry is buzzwords. Sure, they roll off the tongue, but they don’t help anyone. They confuse clients and they make the expectations of designers unclear. In order to clear this up, here is exactly what I do.

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Still Learning

Part One: Lessons Learnt

Take time to do the things that matter to you. Focus. Choose three things in life to give your full attention to; no more. Keep things simple and work like a checklist. Move from one task to the next and always have something to do. Keep things <ul>. Aways know what you should do but never constrict timings. Be productive.

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Where Was I?

You my have noticed over the past few months that my online presence has declined quite significantly. I have been much less active on Twitter and have found that I seem to be losing contact with the tech industry slightly. For your benefit (in case you are interested), but mainly mine, I’d like to write a little about why this is the case.

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Back To Front

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been building a little app. Before now I’ve only ever designed UIs and built simple HTML, CSS, JS websites with no log-in system and no form of stored data. This new one, which I called Depiction.co has both. (Try it out so you have some idea of what I’m talking about in this post.) It’s a web app that allows each user to log in with Twitter and save a status update with a colour, which are then written to a database with their Twitter username and some metadata. Each user has a profile page which displays their current status and colour. It’s simple, and largely useless, but it was a nice first project to convince me that user management and data storage isn’t as horrific as I first thought.

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UK Pornwall Allows Wider Censorship

Talking about: UK Pornwall Allows Wider Censorship

After seeing an increasing number of stories about David Cameron’s proposed default Internet filtering for UK households, I decided to look into the details of the changes and found several of them to be quite disturbing. It seems to me that the Internet is being targeted by the government in a way that could limit people’s access to legal, useful information online. This, in conjunction with the recent discovery of Prism and other operations by the security services to surveil the public, makes me very worried for the state of the Internet in the future. It seems that both freedom and privacy are now diminishing…

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Guide To Graham


After beginning talking to several new people recently, I thought it might be wise to write a few tips for talking to me online; a getting-started guide to your new Graham.

1.0 Initial Warnings

Initially, you will find your Graham to be excessively happy and probably overly expressive too. You may find it tries to be funny - and though it isn’t, it will detect but appreciate your forced, falsified laughter. You may find it words things in a confusingly ambiguous way. You may find it changes topic unannounced.

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